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Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Hacked_the_World. You Guys watching Application which are run on Your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer these all software are made By Some Programming Language. The Programming Language are Update day by day so we can Ready all over the Syntax will read easily or the coding will become more simple and efficient. The block of code must be read in a very good manner.. So, one of the Language Name is Python Language which is used very frequently, But now the Question is you Guys Know about the Python? What is Python? What are the benefits of Python? How to Learn Python in Hindi?

In today’s article I am going to tell you brief about Python.

1- What is Python?

2- What are the advantage of Python Language?

3- How to Learn Python in Hindi?

4- How to get Python Certificate in free ?

What is Python?

Python is Programming Language, but before understanding the Python Let us Understand about the Term Programming, So Programming is medium to Communicate with Commuters. Let’s suppose you have Some work to a computer then you can’t say that Orally Hay!! Computer Listen do this or that thing.. Computer or Laptop can’t understand you have to write a group of code or make a one program to execute your work so that why we need programming Language to communicate with Computers. so Similar the Python is Type of Language which is used to performing a task to the Computer. So, I hope you Guys are understand very well about Python Programming Language.

Python is one of the Most Easiest Language in the world. Python is a open Source High Level interrupted Programming Language.

What are the advantage of Python Language?

Python Language is Designed in that manner that it should be read by everyone if her/she have a basic knowledge of Programming. The another advantage of Python Programming Language is Support all Devices like Android, Mac, windows & Linux, and if you write a group of in windows and then you use same code in Mac it should be worked.. so in simple Python is working in all the Devices

With the help of Python Programming Language you can do Many things Such as-

1- Website Development

2-Mobile App Development

3-Game Development

4- Web Application

5-Software Development

6- Computer Graphic Creation

In today’s world YouTube, Zomato, Google are totally dependent on Python Language.. The Digital World is Increasing Day by Day so now you can see the very big Opportunity for Programmers & Developer so if you Learn Python Language you can’t be unemployment . on Freelancing Platform Many company are finding Python Programmer for there work. so You can reals the very big opportunity for Python Programmers

How to learn Python in Hindi?

1- You can Learn Python By My YouTube Chanel – Learn & Earn

2- Great Learning (Touch me)

3- Udemy (Touch me)

How to get Python Certificate in free ?

1- Greek Learning (Touch me)

2- Udemy (Touch me)

3- efa (Touch me)

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